Compact Reality specializes in low light and anamorphic, cinemascope-style cinematography. From small gauge to 35mm productions, there are a selection of lenses that can bring you several times the light of standard cinema lenses. This can mean brighter images, less grain, shorter shutter speeds for crisp images and shallow filmic depth of field for productions that originate on smaller formats.

There are lots of tricks for getting an image when there isn’t much light, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for a faster lens. Every increase in f-stop ratio translates into twice the transmitted light, and that can mean the difference between getting the shot and getting nothing.

To find out about day rates or to set up a phone call so we can discuss your project, send an email to Joseph Cole.

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Although low light film and anamorphic are special focuses here, there are all kinds of styles and techniques to choose from. With imagery that ranges from gritty and distressed super8mm to clear, color saturated HD, we can create a unique look that heightens the impact of your project. Check out a short reel here, less compression (36.7 MB), more compression (9.5 MB).